Punit Jasuja Productions:

Punit Jasuja is an event planner/interior designer based in Delhi. Punit has recently moved from New York City after 20 years to pursue bespoke weddings in India. His clients include Maharaja of Khimsar, Princess of Udaipur, Amrapali Jewellery and Doris Leslie Blau. Punit aims to create once in a lifetime experience that concentrates on the details. He only selects a handful of weddings to work on every year. His commitment to his clients is unmatchable. His team comes from around the world to create the perfect event. 

Brahm Maira, a graduate of Sydney College of Art, The University of Sydney, has done a BVA in photomedia.Shooting professionally for the last five years, he has done an extremely diverse body of work covering most genres of commercial photography, as well as working closely with art galleries, curators, dealers & collectors, he has esablished himself as a photo manipulation artist. Apart from the usual application of photographic imagery. Brahmʼs work has been used in an eclectic mix of photo- design related projects ranging from textile design for high end fashion, interior design as well as select graphic design projects. Brahm Lives & works in India.